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Important Notice : THE TRUST NOT ACCEPTS OR RAISE FUNDS FROM OUTSIDERS. The TRUST IS WORKING UNDER THE PRINCIPLES OF "SOCIAL Entrepreneurship". All contributions from the net earnings of the Chairman. We will not accept any contributions from outsiders" HOW TO APPLY NEWS & EVENTS CAREERS CONTACT US
Operations of Crescent

Standard Operating Procedures

All Crescent Foundation projects follow standard operating procedures which are revised from time to time to keep up with change. These standard operating procedures encompass entire sets of processes such as accounting, project initiation, completion and reporting. All employees, volunteers and partner organizations are strictly required to follow these procedures.

Project Lifecycle

Crescent executes its projects, either through employees,volunteers or partner organizations to safeguard Crescent’s interests. Project funding is not released until a project proposal is submitted and approved by Crescent Foundation, and an agreement is signed. The agreement clearly states the purpose of the project and expected results, and requires submission of a project completion report, photographs, and receipts upon completion.

In the case of a long-term on-going project, interim reports are submitted at regular intervals in order to monitor ongoing performance and to decide on further funding.

Qualifying Beneficiaries

Crescent stipulates to partner organizations and volunteers exclusively on who can receive support for the designated project at hand.

Partner organizations and volunteers are required to undergo an investigation process in which they fill applications to qualify individuals for support. This may include visiting the applicants’ localities, enquiring about them from neighbors and local shop keepers etc.

Forms of support

Crescent helps beneficiaries in a variety of ways in the form of direct financial assistance, food (cooked, dry ration, meat), drinking water (including water hand pumps), agriculture (such as trees, seeds, livestock, poultry), clothing, educational support, and medical assistance.

Crescent also sends containers which consist of a variety of equipment including computers, medical equipment, medical supplies, toys, books, clothes, pots and pans, etc. All the household items are distributed among the deserving in economically depressed areas. Computers and books are distributed at schools. Medical supplies and equipment are given to hospitals which serve the poor.