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Important Notice : THE TRUST NOT ACCEPTS OR RAISE FUNDS FROM OUTSIDERS. The TRUST IS WORKING UNDER THE PRINCIPLES OF "SOCIAL Entrepreneurship". All contributions from the net earnings of the Chairman. We will not accept any contributions from outsiders" HOW TO APPLY NEWS & EVENTS CAREERS CONTACT US
About the Trust

The Crescent educational and Charitable Trust registered under Indian Trust Act during the year of 2010. The trust emerged with an intention of providing educational support to the villages around us. It imparts value based education to the poor and needy people in the society. The chairman of the trust has been involving the philanthropic service prior to the incorporation of the trust. The Trustees of the CECT realized and decided to develop a trust with an intents to have a continuous supports to the needy people in the society. The trustees of the CECT decided to raise fund internally from the member earning and to contribute certain percentage of their earnings for the welfare of the people in our villages. At the early stage, trust has been running from the fund contributed of Managing Trustee. The Managing trustee has been running all the philanthropic service to the needy people. This is the habitual practice of chairman of the Trust used to keep 30% of the net income from his net earnings and income from his professional service. The same will be contributed as donation to the trust. We fruitfully contributed many services to following segmentation of philanthropic services.

  • Financial Assistance for Education of children’s from poor family of native village. Financial support to poor families and their daughters Marriage, The trust has a vision of Rs.10, 000 for each family, who seeks financial help for their daughters Marriage. The trust members verifies the applicants financial and social status duly inform to the Managing Trustee. The Managing trust will release the assured sum of Rs.10, 000 to the needy family. Since the day of inception the trust has been running properly without any breaking of bylaws of the trust. The trust never raise fund from outsides, all the contribution are from the 30% of the net income of the Managing Trustee. The Managing trustee used to transfer 30% of the net income from his net income to trust account
  • Medical Supports.The trust has witnessed lots of medical supports to the needy people.
  • Miscellaneous supports. The trust has been supporting the needy people and the society in all means as per the financial capacity of the trust. The trust members have mutually decided to enlarge the trust activities in following sectors of the weaker session of the society by setting up of the different “Social Entrepreneurial Activities”
Respecting the human value and Adhere everlasting Social Accountability to the nation is the slogan of the trust. The Trust and trust functionaries will work hard to reach the goal of the organization.

The entire income generation project initiated by the trust will be under the concept of Social Entrepreneur. The ultimate earning and benefits reaches to the needy and deserving people in the community.

The trust released the logo of Crescent Education. This is an idle education project originated with an ideology of “Social Entrepreneur"

“Lifting up with hands of help” is a slogan of Crescent Educational & Charitable Trust.